Koh Tao ProVideo

Thailand's leading underwater videography and photography training company

underwater videography training courses
Underwater Videography Courses

Learn to create professional and engaging underwater videos

underwater photography training courses
Underwater Photography Courses

Learn to take professional and exciting underwater photos

underwater videos
underwater photos

Daily Videos

As well as professional underwater videography training, we also make daily customer dive videos for some of the busiest dive schools on the island

Video + Photo Packages

We offer 3 great video and photo packages through our partner Dive Centers, allowing you to take home the memories of your diving on Koh Tao. Please speak to your instructor/dive guide about having Koh Tao ProVideo accompany on your dives and capturing those special underwater moments
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Partner Dive Centers

Roctopus Dive Koh Tao Diving Centre
Big Blue Diving Centre Koh Tao
Rainbow Fish Divers Koh Tao Diving Centre
56 Diving Centre Koh Tao
DPM Diving Centre Koh Tao
Davey Jones Locker Diving Centre Koh Tao

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